subota, 30. travnja 2011.

A decent teemo ap

Hi fellow players, here is a very fun teemo AP build i tried with a firend :D had lots of fun playing it. sure victory.

Start off with  Meki Pendant+ 2 Health Potion, play as defensively as you can.
You only harass when the opponent is either melee, or is in range for a Dart. DO NOT GO TO HIM.
You may have 2 hp pots and Heal, but that doesnt mean going all out. Try staying about 60% hp
to avoid a gank since you have no Shrooms to safeguard you from the other lanes.
you can probably farm until level 7 or 8 and come back to get
 Boots of Swiftness. Buy a ward if your middle opponent is a stealther or a teemo.
Remember to have at least 3 to 6 Shrooms along the
path of creeps each side to maintain lane superiority in your absence.

Head to the Golem and lay a shroom in front of him, then move back into the bush and
Dart him. Keep Darting each time the CD is up and rush back to mid to fill up the
gaps between your current Shrooms.

Just stay in lane and last hit, at times try to draw your opponent into your
shrooms by Darting and retreating behind one. Pay attention to the other lanes, and tower hug
if anyone is missing from the other lanes. At this point of time, you should have at least 8 shrooms
on one side and maybe 4-5 on the other. Always put one at each corner of the river entry point
as enemies love to cut around those corners. Once you have your river entry sides covered, you can
plant a shroom in the middle of the raging battle of creeps to earn some easy cash. Also, head to
the enemies' Golem to try steal his buff as well. Keep this rotation of buff going if you can, the
CD reduction and mana regen helps alot, you can even Dart creeps for last hitting. (Always keep
Move Quick up if you're not engaging an enemy.)

Port back once you have around 2k+ gold to grab a  Mejai's Soulstealer and a  Blasting Wand,
to start your  Rod of Ages. You should be level 12 at this time. (You can go back to grab your
Soulstealer earlier at lvl 10 or 11, but make sure that your Shrooms are sufficient enough to deter
a major push on your tower.) At this point of time, the opposing team would have wanna try zerg middle
lane as our tower is still at high or full hp, which will earn you massive kills/assists with the numerous
shrooms strategically planted along the riverbank. Make sure you get at least 1 other teammate to help
you push them back if they dont die or decide to push despite low hp, although most of the time they'll
back off after the massive pingponging of exploding Shrooms (at this point you could rush in and Dart one
of them for a kill.)

Keep this up, always remember to keep the 2 sides of the middle path shroomed up as your teammates gather
up to push mid in their absence, to avoid any backstabbing. If they have a stealth, dump a ward in the middle
of the lane.

After their tower goes down, start mining along the sides of their middle path and the immediately jungle
paths to the sides. This will prevent any backstabbing or ambushing heros coming from either sides. At this
point you should have your  Rod of Ages and another  Blasting Wand up, bringing your ap to about
200+ to 300 depending on  Mejai's Soulstealer. Finish up your  Fiendish Codex from  Meki Pendant if you havent.

Your opponents wont make it past the first tower if you diligently kept the riverbank Shroomed, and always
run behind the opponents via jungle paths and mine their retreat path, alongside so you wont get them set off
by their creeps. You could earn quite alot of kills from this. Every 4 steps they will end up getting blown
up by a shroom so they will be pretty reluctant to push as a group. Your team should be more than sufficient
to engage them without you, and you can come in to pick off low hp/armor heroes trying to retreat. Port back
to complete your  Zhonya's Ring.

Now you should be at least 16 to 18, you can ignore the middle riverbank and start mining elsewhere more
profitable, especially in the jungle bushes and paths. If your teammates aren't feeding or retards, they should
be locked up in their base by now from the continued pushes from mid. With a full  Mejai's Soulstealer and your items, you should be at close to 500ap at this point. Thats a whopping 1.2k dmg per shroom, and 800dmg Darts, with 108dmg ticks on your Toxic Shots.
At this point when they're in base, you can run around juking them with
your Darts or just help push the other lanes. Just DONT DIE, because you need your  Mejai's Soulstealer stacks and if
the other team is half decent and not that outleveled, a wipe means GG for you. 1 push might end it for
your team.

Thats it. very fun build to play! have fun


Hello fellow LoL fans. Today i will present a great Shen Full-Tank build, i use most of the time. Shen has an amazing CC wich you must learn how to use. Here is the build!

ruby crystal
tank boots
heart of gold
randuins omen
guardian angel
and get wards!

wards are very important for you and your team!

Have fun with shen